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What is Ivao?

IVAO, International Virtual Aviation Organization, is a dedicated, independent and free service for all those who want to participate and enjoy the flight simulation. IVAO was created to give quality support to all its users.

How to fly in Perú?

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Ivao Perú

Providing the air simulation community with a realistic environment is the first objective of IVAO. This includes, a system for flight 'on-line' for pilots and ATC, and the organization of training and events.

Air traffic controller

You can train as ATC taking continuous exams and trainings Solve it here. We will be ready to give you the best experience. Training, videotutorials, exams and much more.


If your passion is to fly and simulate aviation realistically, then Here! you will find everything you need to learn to fly in Peru.

New Members

IVAO allows you to fly and / or control in the most realistic environment possible, with real weather. Now you can sign up and enjoy our community 'on-line'. If you want more information and sign up for IVAO, click Here!

New to IVAO?

If you are here, you may have little time in IVAO, or you may want to register. In this section you have available the software that we use to connect to the IVAN network and some useful references. The most fundamental are the control, pilot and voice programs, the Servinfo will help you to know where there are controllers.

It has Flight Operations and Control Operations Departments where it can carry out its training and the Training Department where, surpassing the theoretical and practical exams, its rank of controller or pilot will be promoted.

Visit our Youtube channel for more information Ivao Perú

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